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Q:  What does the program entail?

A:  Each day of the 6 week/42 day program consists of a 2-4 minute audio lesson followed by some practice exercises to reinforce the teachings that range from a few minutes up to 15 minutes at a time. 


Q:  What will participants learn in the program?

A:  Have a look at the Program Overview to see the weekly topics and daily lessons.

Q:  How do I listen to the program content?

A:  You can listen to the course content through any device that's connected to the internet that plays sound (smartphone, laptop, tablet, etc.). The exercises can be downloaded and played offline. 

Q:  My whole team would like to enroll together. Do you provide group discounts?

A:  Of course! Contact me for rates!

Q:  I don't play baseball or softball - is this program relevant for me since you're main sport is fastpitch softball?

A:  Yes, absolutely. The Locked In Program is for participants of all sports.  The mental skills that are taught are not sport-specific. Plus, these skills will help you in all aspects of life - school, career, relationships, other sports - as the mind that you train in this program is with you wherever you go.

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