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I've been there...

My career in fastpitch softball came with a lot of early success. I was one of the youngest members on Team Canada ever, travelling the world playing the game I loved and finding success while doing it. 

It then started to slip away from me as an anxiety disorder took over years of my life, resulting in some tough times on and off the field. I lost my spot on the National Team and was in need of help. 


I dedicated myself to not only rehabbing my struggling game but also my mental health. This journey led me back to Team Canada where we won the World Championships and Pan Am Games gold medal in 2015. Currently, I am a veteran leader on the team eager to reclaim gold on the world's stage.


More importantly, I learned more about myself and the mind than I ever thought possible, guided by mindfulness meditation and some great coaching. 

What really resonated along the way was learning from those who had experienced and overcome what I was going through. For that, I can offer a unique perspective. 


Today, I pride myself on my mental strength and aim to share what I've learned with athletes to help them overcome their challenges and allow them to thrive in their sport of passion. 

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